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    When You're in a Rush
    & Need a Flush!

    The Hot Spot Detox Shop 316-264-8898

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    Don't be "Almost" clean
    Come to The Hot Spot to get cleaned now!

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What do we do?

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    One2One Discussion

    Our sales staff is the most knowledgeable staff in the industry, we will discuss with you to find the best product for your detoxification needs.

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    Product Inventory

    We have the largest "in stock" product inventory in the business to make sure you can walk away knowing you will be clean!

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    Home Drug Testing

    We can help you when times are tough and you're in a jam. Get Clean Today, Save Your Job...Save Your Family!

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    What is said At The Hot Spot Detox Shop...Stays at The Hot Spot Detox Shop...Guaranteed!


Short List of Products

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  • Jazz Total Detox Pills
  • Jazz Booster Caps
  • Jazz 4ever Clean
  • Jazz Shampoo
  • Jazz Mouthwash
  • Jazz Detox Drinks 10oz and 16oz
  • Stuff Chewables
  • Extra Stuff 20oz Drink
  • Stuff 16oz Drink
  • Pre-tox 100 Count
  • Q-carbo Plus 20oz Drink
  • Herbal Clean 7 Day
  • Constant Cleanse
  • Strip 1oz Drink
  • Strip 16oz Drink
  • USB All-in-one Caps
  • Super Quick Caps
  • X-pulsion 5 Day Cleanser
  • X-pulsion 32oz Drink
  • All Clear Shampoo
  • Folli-Kleen Shampoo
  • OMNI Shampoo
  • Pure Clean Instant Drinks 16 and 32oz
  • OMNI Drinks 16 and 32oz
  • Mega Clean
  • Extra Clean
  • Instant Clean
  • Green Clean
  • Go Clean
  • Detoxify 5 Day Cleanser
  • Golden Shower Synthetic Urine (Sold as novelty use only)
  • Total Detox Permanent Cleanser
  • Jazz Detox Mouthwash
  • X-pulsion Mouthwash
  • X-pulsion Shampoo
  • Hair Follicle Test
  • Home Drug Test
  • Single Panel Drug Test
  • Multiple Panel Drug Test

Drug Tests include amphetamine, methamphetamines, cocaine, opiates, marijuana, benzodiazepines, PCP, Etc



About The Hot Spot Detox Shop

The Hot Spot Detox Shop is and has been the #1 Detox Store not only in Wichita KS for over 10 years but was the 1st Detox Shop Retail store in the US for many years. The Hot Spot Detox Shop has the most product knowledge in the industry but we are mainly known for our one2one approach with our clients for their detoxification time lines and goals.

The Hot Spot Detox Shop has the largest inventory of all the best brands available for your detoxification needs. From flushing your system, urine, blood and hair follicle testing and our large line of at home drug tests units which are very accurate and safe, The Hot Spot Detox Shop is your first and only stop when your health, job and family is on the line.

Have the peace of mind of knowing that your body is clean and rid of toxins with the Hot Spots years of experience and knowledge.


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